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There are some great places to visit nearby to Nea Vrasna, when you arrive to Villa Iris for you summer vacations. We will be very happy to provide you with all the necessary infos you need.

Mount Athos

Mount Athos is about 65 kilometers heading south from Nea Vrasna. You can take a 3-hour cruise around the peninsula of Athos and admire most of the unique monasteries.


Ammouliani is an island located in bay of Athos, only 35klm away from Nea Vrasna. Access to Amouliani is made via the port of tripiti by ferry.


The Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis and Leon of Amphipolis statue are about 10klm away from Nea Vrasna and has has exhibits from the area from prehistoric times to the Byzantine period.

Alistrati's Cave

Alistrati’s Cave, is about 70klm away from Nea Vrasna heading east. One of Europe’s largest caves, Alistrati fascinates visitors with breathtaking variety of stalactites and stalagmites formations.


Thessaloniki, about 80klm heading west from Nea Vrasna, is the second largest city in Greece. The city is famous for its history, its gastronomy and its big shopping centers.


Kavala is a city built right by the agean Sea, about 80klm heading east from Nea Vrasna. Take a walk in the old city and enjoy the most iconic monument: Kamares, the large arched aqueduct.


Stagira, is located only 15klm away from Nea Vrasna, near the village Olympiada. This ancient city, that was established at the year 655 BC, is the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle.

Waterfalls of Varvara

Varvara’s waterfall is located only 20klm away south from Nea Vrasna. Two amazing waterfalls in a forest full of taxus, alders, lindens, beeches and wild hazels.

Lake Volvi

Lake Volvi is only 15klm away from Nea Vrasna heading west. The wetland of Lake Volvi is protected by the Ramsar Convention and the Natura 2000 network.

Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini is about 120klm away from Nea Vrasna heading north. It’s a breath-taking sight with amazing outdoor activities for the visitors: bird-watching and horse-riding.